Physician preference item (PPI) solution from Premier

When you’re responsible for contracting at a healthcare organization, you’re under a lot of pressure to cut costs. But with limited resources and time, it’s hard to successfully manage the physician preference item (PPI) contracting cycle.

Successful management of the PPI contracting cycle requires

  • Quality information
  • A strategic plan
  • Contract negotiation expertise
  • The ability to audit performance

With PPI making up 40% of your supply spend, it’s important to look for savings in this area. Finding PPI cost savings without changing physician preference may seem like a daunting task, but you don’t have to go at it alone.

Premier can help

Our PPI solution will uncover savings at your organization, without requiring product or vendor standardization or physician utilization change. As physician preferences change, your contract spend needs to change. Instead of looking at one physician, surgeon or surgery group, we provide a complete view into your spend data so you can get the best price for the volume you’re using.

By simply submitting your data to us, we’ll uncover pricing disparities and areas of opportunity. We cross-reference comparatives of all clinical like-items, across all vendors, based on product and procedural functionality. So you can realize savings within hours. Plus, we provide monthly audits of purchases, so you know what you’ve spent, where you’ve saved and where opportunities are.

Empowered with this knowledge, you will:

  • Gain control over your contracting process
  • Understand your PPI purchases in the same way your vendors manage their business
  • Communicate with your physicians based on how they perform their procedures
  • Form better relationships with your medical staff
  • Get the best price for the volume you’re using.

Stop trying to change what you can’t change, and start saving what you can save.

Member results

The University of Colorado Hospital saved $2M in the first year through data analysis, reports and contracting guidance. Read more testimonials.