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The support and responsiveness from Premier was excellent. I wish I could work on 10 more engagements like this initiative. We accomplished significant cost reduction, formed closer relationships with our medical staff, and we didn’t need to change one product from what the physicians were already using.”

We received rock-solid advice from Premier in the development of our RFP and subsequent vendor communications for our spine contracting initiative. Premier analyzed and advised us on tens of thousands of individual vendor line items. I would have needed a small army of contract analysts and six to nine months of time to produce similar results to what Premier did in a few short weeks. Premier achieved the savings target of $1.2M established in the contracting plan.”

  • Brad Levine, supply chain, corporate director of purchasing at Froedtert Health

We’ve used Premier on three large PPI disease-state initiatives. With all three initiatives our realized savings have been in alignment with what was originally presented to us by Premier. The level of service we have received from the Premier team has far exceeded our expectations. Their recommendations with contracting and value analysis techniques, as well as the communication strategies with our vendors, work great and get results.”

The University of Colorado Hospital is big, complex, and delivers some of the most advanced care in the country. As such, we continue to invent and re-invent in order to be one of the most advanced and efficient supply chains. We’ve had great success doing that in our work with Premier. Their data analysis, reports and contracting guidance have all been invaluable, leading to more than $2 million in savings in the first year.”

The custom contracting model employed by Premier, utilizing their cross-reference benchmarking platform, has proven to be the most successful model deployed at the University of Kansas Hospital for the achievement of savings for physician preferred items.”

Premier was great to work with, from beginning to end, on our total joint arthroplasty project. The entire Premier team was very professional, competent in the total joint arthroplasty product line, and fun to work with. This initiative was fast! We achieved the savings we were looking for in a very timely manner with no issues. Thanks to the Premier team for all you did to help us achieve our savings goal!”

As a service line leader and clinical liaison with our surgeons, the Premier contracting plan enabled me to present the savings opportunity to our surgeons in a way that got positive support and buy-in with every one of them. Their attitude, expertise and attention to continuously address our questions throughout this process certainly exceeded my expectations. Premier is a great organization! We could not have accomplished the savings goals we did, while maintaining surgeon choice and satisfaction, without their support.”